Welcome to Gaijin inCubator!

What is inCubator:

InCubator is a platform and a set of basic services for developers to create online games: authorization (using the Gaijin.Net Passport), purchase (using the Gaijin.Net Store), version downloading (using the Gaijin Delivery Network and Gaijin Application Manager) plus more, on all platforms.

Incubator is currently running in a test mode and is used by proven Gaijin partners as well as experimental projects. General terms and conditions for access to services for a wider list of partners will be presented later.

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Game developer: Darkflow Software
MMO squad based shooter, which is built around some of the most important and famous episodes from World War II
Shooter Action MMO
Game developer: Three Whales
MMO adventure in a vibrant water world
Shooter Adventure MMO


In 2015 Gaijin Entertainment launched InCubator - an indie fund, a financial investment fund for indie developers. It turned out that most developers were more interested in a game publishing company and a platform for games.

Existing platforms (PSN, Steam, EGS, GoG) have restrictions, both technical and not technical, on the use of their API. For example, it’s difficult to release a game requiring a Steam account on EGS. However, for online games some services, like the authorization services, content downloading, and others are an integral part of the game. So the developers have to either choose the main platform to release the game on or to develop the key services themselves.

InCubator will provide those basic services on other terms, without any requirement of exclusivity. Developers will be able to release their games on any platforms while using Gaijin inCubator services.